Aleks L., working mom of 2 little ladies (3 and 1 year), Fiesta Party Plan

I absolutely LOVE my plan! I wanted a very special theme for my daughter’s first birthday, that was bright and beautiful but also personal. Allison came up with a Mexican Fiesta theme that was still very feminine and I couldn’t be happier! First, the plan covers EVERY SINGLE THING you may think of from invitations through thank you cards. There are links to everything, and great tips for DIY versus buy. The checklist with dates made the entire event so much less stressful to plan. I was able to start early so I wasn’t overwhelmed all at once. The plan allowed me to keep an eye out for products that were on sale, so I bought them and stored them for the day of the event. In the past I would have scrambled the week before the party buying stuff at full cost. In the end, the plan saved me WAY more money that it actually cost!

Seriously crazy how much less overwhelmed I feel having it all laid out. Not just saying that. 100% I mean it! Super excited to get started.

Marie F.

Stay at Home Mom, Art Party Plan

ALLISON. This is my favorite thing I’ve ever seen. Hands down, you could not have nailed it more. I totally have a perma grin right now.

Nicole M.

Work at Home Mom of 2, Let's Get Nauti Party

Nicole G., working mom of 2 boys (3 and 1 year), Frogs, Snail, and Puppy Dog Tails Party Plan

I couldn’t be happier with this party plan for my son’s first birthday! The idea of throwing a party is extremely stressful to me, and this plan has made it all so much easier! Once I had my party plan, I instantly felt like a huge weight was lifted off my shoulders. I no longer had to worry about time because I could see exactly when I should do each thing. I didn’t have to come up with ideas for activities, decorations or food. There were options do create items myself or purchase. I had everything I needed right in the plan. I have links to every single item I will need, a timeline to keep myself on track, and lots of extra fun ideas.  I actually got really excited about the party because I could start to visualize it and see how it would all come together, whereas prior to having the plan I was just stressed with a looming deadline (party day). I will definitely use Confetti Party Plans again in the future!









Lynnie Brown, working mom of two boys (3 and 8 months), Bubbly Brunch Bridal Shower Plan
I love how easy everything was. I loved that I had options to DIY or purchase the decor and that it included links for everything and even a timeline and checklist so things went together smoothly. It made it so I wasn’t stressed about planning it, just had to decide and get things together or delegate.